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Consumer Electronics



Within the Industrial market, we service customers who manufacture power supplies, home automation, security, capital equipment and rail to name a few.  Solutions that keep our customers at the top of their markets are what drives our team to promote next generation technology.  Specialty solutions like precision metals, batteries, displays and touch panels, motors, connectors and components are the products that drive sales in this industry. 

Military and Aerospace

The Aurora territories are all rich with military and commercial aerospace OEMS.  Additionally, we service subcontractors who bid on the individual programs from lighting, RF systems, advanced power systems, connectors and cable assemblies.  We are proud to continuously push cutting edge products to support our military and aerospace customer base.


As the healthcare industry continues to grow, there is a developing need for advanced technology.  In such a highly competitive market our customers look to our salespeople to drive next generation products and solutions.  Power, connectivity, protection, EMI/RFI, plastics and displays are examples of the many products we sell to support the Medical industry. 

Test and Measurement

This territory contains multiple laboratories, manufacturing test facilities, and customer test departments that drive the products we support.  Cable assemblies, connectors, DIN rail power, circuit protection, and components help solve customer test challenges. With these agencies continuously requiring more and more protection the Aurora Group pushes its principals for continuous improvement and next generation product design. 

Broadcast and Video

With major cities surrounding every territory the broadcast and video market is supported by hundreds of subcontractors.  We work in every facet of this industry from stage lighting and connectivity, to controls and motors.  This industry is everchanging and we stay ahead of the curve by continuing to support our customer needs. 


LED lighting has become one of the fastest growing markets in the past decade and is ubiquitous in the lighting industry.  LED Drivers, power supplies, circuit protection, components and magnetics require low cost, small and cutting edge products to function.  Aurora provides many solutions in user interface technology ie: LCDs & touch screen.

Data Center

With technology always on the move, the need for faster servers and more storage is essential.  Aurora can support this market with Cable assemblies, connectors, sheet metal, EMI/RFI protection and highly efficient power supplies.


This industry has changed over the years and we are looking forward to the further economic development of infrastructure and mass transit in our major cities.  These systems are antiquated and desperately in need of upgrades.  Aurora provides solutions to positive train control, station and network upgrades as well as replacement parts such as power supplies and capacitors for trains and subways. Seatback displays, connectors and cable assemblies are just a few examples of the products we support into this industry.


In today’s economy, having the newest phone, the coolest toy and the most interesting gadget are what drives consumer sales.  The Aurora Group focuses on consumer start-ups that have funding to support organic growth. Next generation displays and touch panels, batteries, flex circuits and advanced component solutions are what help The Aurora Group bring value to this highly competitive market.


As the industry moves to 5G we continue to support the many cellular and military telecommunication industries through innovation.  Next generation products like high speed transient and lightning protection, sensors, IP67 connectors, harsh environment power solutions and antennas are just a few of the products we promote at our network telecommunication design groups.